Kaleido 萬花

This collection creates stylish fashion jewellery. It is inspired by Origami, paper cutting, architecture and kaleidoscope. Due to the designed structure,
every piece of work shows various appearances and offers diversification of wearing. The medium includes felt, synthetic fabric, silk and mixed media.
Part of the material is coloured by hand painting, dyeing, digital printing or transferring and cut by laser cutting technique. With the presentation
of the colour, pattern and structure, may this collection bring fun and fantasy to the audience!

In the process of research, I spend most of time on structure design and colour experiment. Model making and pigment testing are the most important
before making. It is interesting to explore how the structure’s going in the experiment. Also, I give friends a model of my design and see how many
possibilities come out when playing the model. It is a delight to interact with the work itself and audiences. I believe a creative work is born
by research, development and the “felix culta” when interacting with people, isn’t? (All pieces for sale, price list on request.)

宛如萬花筒般,每件作品皆可變換出多種花樣,極具幻想與趣味,這就是「萬花」系列。 作品靈感源於自然生物的形態、摺紙與剪紙的技藝、